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Dr. Josie usually recommends a unique combination of the below services for each client based on exam findings. If you are interested in receiving only certain services, please let her know and she will most definitely work with you. For information on fees or to schedule an appointment, click here. 

Chiropractic Manipulation 

Chiropractic manipulation (aka adjustment) is the cornerstone of Dr. Josie's treatments. The focus of this treatment is to maintain proper alignment and motion in the joints.  Adjustments also positively impact muscles, connective tissue, and  the nervous system -- and in turn, the health of the entire body.


For those familiar with technique systems, Dr. Josie utilizes mostly Diversified adjusting. For those not familiar with technique systems...this means she uses her hands to create a quick and shallow impulse to restore motion in the joint, sometimes causing a popping sound! Sometimes Dr. Josie will adjust using different tools such as a drop table, an arthrostim and pelvic blocks. 

Soft Tissue Manipulation 

The function of joints and muscles are so closely intertwined that you can expect Dr. Josie to incorporate soft tissue manipulation into almost every single treatment.  Dr. Josie utilizes a variety of soft tissue modalities including: percussion massage, trigger point therapy, pin and stretch, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM, Graston), fascial release, and muscle energy techniques. These techniques range from gentle and relaxing to deep and corrective. Each body and situation is different -- Dr. Josie will tailor your soft tissue work to achieve maximum therapeutic benefit. 

Therapeutic Ultrasound

The use of high frequency sound waves to produce microvibrations in tissues. These microvibrations produce deep heat and micromassage, which in turn increases circulation, decreases swelling, softens tissues, and aids in healing. Ultrasound treatments last anywhere form 5-15 minutes and most recipients report experiencing slight warmth during the treatment. Dr. Josie has found this modality particularly effective in helping lactating women manage clogged milk.

Craniosacral Thearpy (CST)

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is used to assess and treat the connective tissue throughout the body. Its primary focus is on the connective tissue surrounding the brain and spinal column, called the dura mater, but it can also be used to treat the connective tissue surrounding the muscles and organs, called fascia. Like the chiropractic adjustment, CST also influences the nervous system, specifically stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows for relaxation. 

The therapy itself is extremely gentle and consists of hand placements from head to toe. It is a great option for adults sensitive to body work and infants. 

Dr. Josie received her CST training through the Upledger Institute. 

BioMat Infrared Heat

The therapeutic benefits of heat have long been known as increased circulation and relaxation, which in turn can decrease pain and facilitate healing. Traditional heating pads with coils can cause uneven heat distribution and unnecessary exposure to EMFs. The BioMat utilizes a bed of amethyst crystals to convert conductive heat into far infrared heat, which can be easily and evenly absorbed by the body and increase core temperature. Layers of carbon fiber and copper block EMFs, and a layer of tourmaline generates negative ions which can help neutralize free radicals. Dr. Josie frequently uses the BioMat as an adjunctive therapy during craniosacral.


Occasionally, Dr. Josie uses transcutaneous muscle stimulation as part of a treatment plan. This entails the placement of electrodes on the skin between which a medium frequency electrical current is sent to stimulate the muscles and the nerves in the area. Depending on the intensity, patients may feel anything from light tickling sensations to strong muscle contractions. The purpose of this treatment is to decrease pain, increase circulation, and decrease local swelling.   

Low Level Laser Therapy

Dr. Josie sometimes utilizes a class 3b near infrared laser to help with tissue healing. The laser is held over the area of tissue injury for several seconds-minutes to produce a photochemical response at the cellular level.  This results in changes in cell membrane permeability, an increase in ATP production and an increase in microcirculation. Most people do not feel anything at all during this treatment!

Fascial Movement Taping

Sometimes Dr. Josie will send clients home with bright colored (or neutral) stretchy tape in place. This tape is called kinesiology tape and can help reduce pain, reduce swelling, and improve both proprioception (your body's ability to tell where it is in space) and kinesthetic sense (how your body moves through space). Typically, this tape stays in place for several days and Dr. Josie loves teaching clients and their partners how they can reapply the tape at home.

Exercise/Lifestyle Recommendations

Dr. Josie believes that each patient holds the key to their own health and wellness and that the biggest strides towards health and wellness are made at home on a daily basis. Dr. Josie often recommends specific stretching and strengthening exercises based on findings. She will also commonly discuss diet, nutrition and supplementation.  

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